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Layers Of Madness




Lead Programmer, Asset Implementation, Mechanic Designer

Tools Used

Unity, Photoshop, After Effects

Team Size


Project Duration

Four Day Game Jam

Layers of Madness was designed during a biannual Game jam at Sheridan College. The narrative was inspired by the short story The Yellow Wallpaper, focusing on themes of isolation, madness and motherhood.

​I was lead programmer, and designed and implemented the game's narrative presentation and systems, as well as proposing and developing the tearing mechanic and puzzles that the game contained, wherein the player was able to rip away at the background to reveal objects to aid them, hidden secrets, and so on.


​The game placed third in the overall sprint week competition.

Further down the line, some of the team, myself included, revisited the game, conducting a postmortem evaluation and implementing a few new systems and levels. This provided some insight into how the game could be improved, what worked and what didn't, etc. 

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