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Rhythm Game




Lead of Game Design,

Technical and Art Designer

Tools Used

Unity, Spine, GIT, Photoshop

Team Size


Project Duration

8 Months - Capstone Project

Taking first place in three of four categories at Toronto's Level Up showcase, and being featured at GDC in 2018, Disco Is Dead's winning feature was its unique, slappable zombie head controllers, which players could physically slap to combat foes onscreen

I served as Lead Game Designer on the project, focusing on the creation of core mechanics that emphasized cooperation and coordination between the two players, such as enemies that required input from both players to defeat, and allowing players to high-five to activate super-moves. 


Disco is Dead  was my capstone project for my final year at Sheridan's Bachelor of Game Design program.


Game Design

  • Design a unique cooperative experience based around slappable zombie head controllers.

  • Ensure gameplay supports this feature. Prioritize simple, engaging core loop to highlight our unique selling point.

  • Design a co-operative experience that emphasizes timing and cooperation between two players.

  • Develop and test mechanics that reward cooperation. Enemies that require coordination to defeat, special moves that could only be activated by players high fiving each other.

Level Design 

  • Develop a plan for seven levels in the game. Later adjust to meet time constraints while still maintaining core values and player experience.

  • Develop two boss levels for the game, each with unique mechanics and gameplay.


  • As a primary coder, implement features and gameplay while also managing asset pipeline and GIT-based version control.

  • Script game design tools such as an enemy sequencing system, allowing other team members to help develop levels without use of code.


Art Design and Animation

  • Produce all art for the final boss.

  • Animate all elements for the final boss encounter in Spine  to produce a unique 2.5D experience while staying true to the game's existing art style.

  • Assist in the creation of comic panels used for in-game cut-scenes.


  • Manage documentation and write proposals for game and all features.

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