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Game and Mechanic Designer, Programmer.

Tools Used

Unity, GIT, Photoshop

Team Size


Project Duration

Four Day Game Jam

The original Disco is Dead was the winner of of Sheridan College's Biannual Game Jam. A rhythm-based arcade game, Disco is Dead was designed as a cooperative 2-player experience, wherein players take control of a pair of macho disco lovers, slapping away the zombies that attack them.

My responsibilities on the team were to design and code mechanics, power-ups, the scoring system,  high-score tables, and other features to support the arcade experience. I was also working to manage our pipeline and version control for the project's brief duration.


Ultimately, the success of this game, and the value it had for our players, led our team to adopt it (on a much larger scale) as our capstone project. 

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