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PC, MAC, Nintendo Switch


Game and Level Designer

Tools Used


Visual Studio Code and C#

Team Size


Project Duration

I served as a game and level designer in the development of Hitgrab Games' platformer beat-em-up Clan O' Conall and the Crown of the Stag.    

My responsibilities included developing core mechanics, levels and boss designs for the game, laying the groundwork for further development.

While I made the difficult choice to move on from the project to one that more closely aligned with my long-term goals, the time I was ​able to spend with the project and team was incredibly valuable, and I am very proud to have been able to contribute to it.

The game was released on Steam and Nintendo Switch to critical acclaim.

6 Months

Role and Responsibilities 

Game Design

  • Refine and further develop existing combat mechanics and encounters for beat-em-up gameplay.

  • Iterate upon game mechanics focused on switching-based multi-character gameplay. 

  • Create mechanics and challenges suited to the unique skill sets of the game's three playable characters, diversifying users gameplay experience.

Level Design 

  • Design and implement tutorial and introductory levels to ease players into the game. 

  • Design and develop boss encounters. Document designs for use later in development after my departure.

QA & Scripting

  • Code and modify the mechanics and controls of individual characters to create satisfying game feel and character motion.

  • Implement and numerous levels, mechanics and combat scenarios independently.

  • QA test mechanic and level designs for quality and functionality.

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