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Lead Game Designer

Tools Used


Visual Studio Code

Adobe Suite

Team Size


Project Duration

4+ Years

I joined the Skyweaver team in 2019, working as a Game Designer, and was promoted to Lead Game Designer after just one year.

I develop and iterate upon the mechanics, feel and gameplay of Skyweaver, monitoring the metagame and making balance adjustments. I also developed new expansion sets for the game,

Clash of Inventors and Hexbound Invasion, adding numerous new mechanics while expanding the lore of the world of Sky.

I work as a key member of a multidisciplinary team, serving as an intermediary between Game Design, Marketing, Development, and Community departments.


Game Design

  • Manage and develop a Trading Card game in the Web3 Space, constantly striving to iterate and improve the experience for a demanding player base.

  • Spearhead development of new gameplay content, expansions and mechanics to expand product and player experience.

  • Iterate upon gameplay through balance patches to maintain a healthy and diverse game experience for users.

  • Produce and update game design documentation for new features, ensuring clear communication between design and development teams.

Playtesting and Community

  • Oversee creation and maintenance of a PTS (private test server) for upcoming gameplay content, patches and mechanics.

  • Maintain open discourse with the community. Gather feedback and input to better direct balancing and updates.

  • Engage in community outreach and engagement through ongoing bi-weekly update livestreams. 

  • Join community led events such as tournaments, providing input and commentary to foster community growth. 

QA & Scripting

  • Report and log bugs found in the game. Identify and highlight potential causes and fixes for issues.

  • Develop and implement tutorials in Rust using a proprietary tutorial codebase.

  • Apply scripting knowledge to help describe new mechanics and answer questions regarding their functionality alongside existing systems.


Additional Roles

  • Record and develop marketing materials, videos and blogposts to support game advertisement and outreach.

  • Create art prompts and requests to help define the visual style of the characters and world.

  • Write lore and card text to build up Sky and flesh it out into a complete vision.

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