Roles and Learning

During our Development Process for Disco is Dead, we engaged in a one-week sprint to prepare features and footage to be showcased in a trailer for GDC's Alt Ctrl Competition. I was implementing systems and assisting in art finishing and implementation, as that was the priority for the trailer.

While The game was not chosen, this week still allowed us to make massive strides forwards in terms of our design and development process, providing a starter trailer that could be used for advertisement, as well as feedback on how we could improve the game. 


After the success of our initial game jam version, our team decided to take Disco Is Dead forwards as our capstone project in our final year of Sheridan's Bachelor of Game Design program.  The team's goal was to develop the project into a more full-scale project that would allow team members to showcase the skills they wanted to highlight, in order to establish themselves in the industry. To this end, the project placing greater emphasis on  UI, art, and narrative design, and was designed as a showpiece for public features such as showcases and exhibitions. To this end, we developed unique physical game controllers which could be slapped by the player to slap the enemies in the game.