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Coulter Baker is a Game Designer located in Toronto, Ontario.

He graduated at the top of his class in Sheridan College's inaugural Bachelor of Game Design Program winning the medal for highest academic achievement as well as the medal for top student in his minor Creativity.

He worked with Experience It Inc. in the early development of Infinity, an interactive leadership development experience designed for use by General Electric.

Coulter also worked with Third Floor Games to produce the game Disco is Dead, which featured unique slappable controllers, and went on to win 3 first place wins including Best Overall Game at Toronto’s Level Up and was shown at GDC 2018.

Following College, Coulter worked with GURU Studio in Toronto, ON, on the IOS/Android Puzzle Game, Fracter, released summer 2018.

With the contract for Fracter fulfilled,  he is managing his own independent art business and seeking new employment in the industry.

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