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An Eye For An Eye




Game Designer, Programmer, Modeler

Tools Used

Unity, Zbrush, Autodesk Maya and Mudbox, Adobe Photoshop. 

Team Size


Project Duration

Six Weeks - Personal Project.

An Eye for an Eye was an independent project I developed on my own time, which consisted of prototyping out the mechanics, visual style and narrative for an introductory level for a much larger experience, in order to test my 3D level design abilities. I modeled the main character, developed text systems,as well as challenges and level design, modeled and tested the level myself. I also worked on development of a simple "Voodoo System" which allowed a rag-doll within the game to mimic the joint based movements of the player's model, a unique mechanic that would be critical in the larger design, and allow unique gameplay opportunities. 

Concept Development

Shadow studies, sketches and early design,

Model Sheet

Model sheet for character

Haki Model

Final rendered 3D model

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