An Eye For An Eye




Game Designer, Programmer, Modeler

Tools Used

Unity, Zbrush, Autodesk Maya and Mudbox, Adobe Photoshop. 

Team Size


Project Duration

Six Weeks - Personal Project.

An Eye for an Eye was an independent project I developed on my own time, which consisted of prototyping out the mechanics, visual style and narrative for an introductory level for a much larger experience, in order to test my 3D level design abilities. I modeled the main character, developed text systems,as well as challenges and level design, modeled and tested the level myself. I also worked on development of a simple "Voodoo System" which allowed a rag-doll within the game to mimic the joint based movements of the player's model, a unique mechanic that would be critical in the larger design, and allow unique gameplay opportunities. 

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